What is SEO – Beginners Guide to SEO

What is SEO-Beginners Guide to SEO
What is SEO-Beginners Guide to SEO

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?


SEO means “Search Engine Optimization“, It is the way of getting free Organic Traffic on your website from Search engines through your website content, Articles, Blogs, Post or Tools. SEO is the process of increasing websites visibility and likeliness to be found in search engines.

Search engines like Google better distinguish what your site is about and enables it to exhibit your optimized content to the users.  Search engines like to show the best results for the online content that has certain or specific keywords.


On Page SEO cover those parameters that are present “on the webpage”. It considers not only the content but also the image, the backlinks, and the design of your website.

Content Quality

It plays a very important role in SEO. You should use catchy headlines, relevant and creative content, and proper use of long tail keywords. Your content quality will improve if your write-ups are original, engaging and thought provoking. The freshness of content is a key factor for On Page SEO. Adding images and videos to your content is another good option. However, do not forget to add links to the image.

Use of keywords

Using keywords in the content is called keyword stuffing for SEO. It is not just putting the keywords here and there without some meaning. It is more than that. You have to learn that how to use keyword strategically in your content.

Page speed

The page that takes time to load is rarely going to be clicked again. Be fast. Your page must load fast to get good SEO rank.


Off Page SEO count those parameters that are not in your hands directly. But you have to work for this by using marketing strategies. Social media, YouTube videos and Guest blogging are some of the tools.

Trust and Authority

Using Social networking, you could build a brand or I would rather say you could win trust. If a search engine has trust on a brand or a site, it is directly getting good ranking. You could be known for using YouTube videos, and other social networking sites.

Search Engine determines the authority of your site by finding how well known is your product or your brand. If you are having good back-links on your page, it is trustworthy.

Bounce rate

Bounce Rate is a parameter that judges the stickiness of your web page. If a user does not stay long or just leave your web page without clicking any other link, it means you are lacking something. You should use videos and more actionable content for decreasing your site’s bounce rate.

Domain age

Domain age does matter in the Off-page SEO ranking. It is better to buy an old domain instead of setting up a new one for you. However, if you have an old registered domain but no site is running on it, then there is no chance to get good ranking. It also depends on how long your site has been indexed by the search engine.


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