7 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2018

SEO Mistakes to Avoid
SEO Mistakes to Avoid


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is significant for your business to gain recognition. Due to the internet boom, it is almost indispensable for any business to run without a website and for a website to come to top results of search engines, you need to optimize it using different techniques. However, it is also essential to understand some of the pitfalls in the process. Most people make some common SEO mistakes that cost them immensely in the long-run.

Here are the 7 Common SEO Mistakes that you can easily avoid to get a good ranking on search engines:

Ignoring Meta Description and Tags

Meta description and tags are very important for the SEO of your content. If you skip or ignore it, you might lose a great deal on it. Efficient use of keywords in Tags and Meta description can optimize your content and bring it to the top results.

Don’t forget Analytics for SEO

You need to know what is working and what is not working on your website. Therefore, you must keep the analytics in mind to track the traffic on your website. Most people make the common mistake of skipping it and that hurts the SEO immensely. Therefore, you must track and measure it using analytics tools to get an overview of the performance of your website and SEO strategies.

Overuse of keywords

Keyword stuffing is the most prominent mistake you can make when you are SEO optimizing your content. You might think that you are making the content Search Engine friendly by using the main keywords in every single sentence, but what you are actually doing is registering yourself in the list of spammers by stuffing keywords in the content.

Missing out on optimizing images

Optimizing your images plays a vital role in SEO optimization. More often than not, bloggers miss out on optimizing the images inserted in the content. They also ignore the title tags and image tags that can eventually hurt the performance of your content on search engines. The alt tags of the images are super important because that shows you are targeting articles and giving them their place in the plethora of visuals found in content on the web.

Website not optimized for mobile users

If you have built a website and you aim to draw more traffic to it, you must definitely invest in a super-fast mobile-friendly experience. With the busy life, we lead in today’s hectic world; most people browse the internet on the go. This makes it crucial for your website to be optimized for mobile users so that your rating on search engines isn’t jeopardized. Therefore, always aim for a smooth mobile experience for your audiences and do not miss out on this vital step.

Failure in updating website content regularly

If the website is not updated with good quality content on a regular basis, there will be no incentive for the visitors to come to your website. On the contrary, if you publish targeted content on your website, you can be assured that they will not only be your regular visitor but will also spread the word about your website to others.

Ignoring the importance of UI and UX in SEO

It is important to note that a user-friendly website is a key to getting more traffic. If the users are not comfortable in using your website, they will not be your regular visitors. A user-friendly website is endowed with simple features that can be easily understood by everyone. Moreover, it should not be cluttered with too much information that makes it difficult to grasp everything.

In the end, it can be said that you can easily get top ranking for your website if you know what NOT to do. Just avoid these pitfalls, and you will see your website ranking going up at a great speed. Nowadays, it is not hard to crack the algorithm of the search engines. Once you follow these tips and tricks, you are good to go.


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