Amazon Web Service Vs Microsoft Azure Vs Google Cloud – The Basic Difference

Amazon Web Service Vs Microsoft Azure Vs Google Cloud - Basic Difference

When it comes to cloud computing, the three names pop up in the top of the list.  They are Amazon web services (AWS)Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. These three players hold the most of the share of the total market share of cloud infrastructure.

Well, to pursue the right mixture, it’s compulsory to know each of them.  Lets get the basic knowledge about the differences in them. Also, the key factors which set both of them apart should be well known.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google’s (GCP) called as Google Cloud Platform offer almost the same basic capabilities. They offer the same capabilities related to compute, storage and networking, which are highly flexible and customizable. These three-share majority of cloud market. They all offer common elements of public cloud. Such as self-service and instant provisioning, auto scaling, plus compliance security, and identity management features.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)


If we look at the last year reports, amazon web services made the revenue of over $7 billion.  its network was primarily used by the e-commerce store

The company found the many new opportunities later by the growing pool of resources. In 2006, AWS cloud was formed. Amazon web services didn’t face any competition in the market for many years, as it was the only Iaas cloud provider available in the market.

AWS has made many big investments to ensure the security and reliability of the services they offer to their entire user base. AWS invested in maintaining the uptime of the service during various natural and man-mad disasters and it kept a keen eye on the issues, which reflects in some specific regions.

The user base of AWS is growing rapidly and over 50,000-80,000 servers were spread worldwide and comes second in global infrastructure deployment with 13 global regions and 4 more to come. AWS is also the first Iaas service provider in China.


Microsoft Azure

On the other hand, Azure recently announced the addition of eight new regions to its list of 26 regions making it the boss in global infrastructure deployment. AZURE has also invested in setting up its data centers across the globe and ensure the reliability and security of the services it provides.

MS Azure started as a PaaS solution provider but now it is expanding its IaaS technology to attract customers that are dependent on the traditional Microsoft technology. The company is turning its core services to cloud-enabled solutions in last some years.


Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the strongest and third biggest competitor to AWS and MS Azure.  GCP’s product list increasing and is focused in Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

The quality of services available on AWS one of the best and the product range is also wide when compared to GCP. Google Cloud Platform strong when it comes to data & analytics given the architecture of the google. Unlike others, google also provide secure and scalable services with its innovative data center. Services offered by GCP would suffice the needs of customer.

Google Cloud Pricing

Final Words

Well, after knowing about both of these leaders of industry, we can conclude that amazon web services are the clear winner with multiple global site or branches. Both of these companies are growing their roots to expand their business and market share.

Amazon web services or Azure, both of these companies are the brand name’s in the industry. They have established themselves so well that ranking them high is very easy. They provide both, service as well as performance. AWS may be the leader right now as it is the only available IaaS service provider in the market.AZURE should not be underestimated as the future strategies. AZURE promises the future growth and expansion in market share. Google Cloud on the other hand is competing close to them as present.






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