How to Write Effective Content If You Are Not a Native English Speaker

How to Write Effective Content If You Are Not a Native English Speaker

It is generally considered that only native speakers can write well. But that’s not always true. A person who is well trained or has enough experience can also write well in English. Yes, you may not be able to think, speak and write like a native writer, but being fluent is not all that you need. Content writing has a lot more. All you need is to be an expert in your niche. Suppose you are a digital marketing expert, then you are farther expected to know everything about digital marketing rather than a fluent English. We have some tips to help you write content that can help you take your skills out and share with the world. The following pointers will assist you to create the best quality content.

Get ideas from other blogs, forums, and online sources

Supposing that you are a niche expert, for example, a digital marketing expert or maybe you are a health professional, you may consider visiting other websites and blogs who write in a similar niche. Find out their style of writing. Try to understand how they write, what format they use, how they enhance their content, etc. Moreover, you can use the big forums like Quora to discuss and talk to people taking tips on who could you start writing. In fact, there are social media groups where writers help writers. You may post your thoughts and ask for feedback from others. It will really help.


It is good to read before you write. The practice of reading and make you equivalent to a native speaker. The more you read, the more you realise the style of writing. Moreover, reading helps generate ideas. You may want to Google top five websites, blogs or magazines to read in order to enhance your writing skills. You may also consider subscribing to the mails so that it is easy to receive newsletters from websites you like to read and stay updated with what’s there.

Learn relevant and frequently used phrases

It is imperative that your writing should be understandable and impressive. Even the small grammar mistakes or a punctuation error and ruin your reputation. Thus, try to focus on essential phrases that you might have to use frequently. While you consider the above points such as reading, get ideas from other blogs and forums, try to analyse what grammar and language is used to express content.

Hire a native editor and a proof reader

Last but not the least, if you plan a business based on the talent and skills you possess, it is always better to hire a native editor and a proof reader. They will help you enhance the content you write. You are equipped with the technical knowledge. Thus, to order to evade any other error and attract readers to a high performing blog, native people can help you with the presentation of the work.

Use automated tools

There are various tools present online that can help you enhance your content and efforts. Being a non-native writer, if you feel you are less competitive and may admit making spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc., then you can consider using some special tools present on the internet. For example, Grammarly; it is one of the best tools to check if you have written a grammatically correct article without any spelling mistake. Though the tools are automated and might not be able to identify all your errors, it can, however, help you sort through the major ones.

Perform these tactics, and you will surely succeed in making a writing top quality content!



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