WordPress Genesis Framework 5 Reasons to Choose

Genesis Framework

Are you planning to build a WordPress site? If it is so then the most outstanding
framework is awaiting for you i.e. genesis framework.

Now you must be wondering about what is Genesis. Genesis framework is like a theme from by StudioPress that enhances the look of your site. It makes your WordPress site more attractive, secure, and simple to update and lead towards great SEO practices. Genesis framework is a framework that lays a foundation for WordPress sites by proving them with the smoothness to work and an extensive WordPress development.

A WordPress having genesis framework implies many benefits that are discussed below:

1. Update without losing customization:

The genesis framework includes child themes that are on the top of the framework gives a
totally different and appealing look to your WordPress site. Instead of making
modifications in the framework, you can make every customization to the theme itself.

2. Cost effective:

Many themes on the WordPress sites involve a huge cost to bear for regular updates and
support. But in the case of genesis framework, you just have to make a one-time investment
and access to it forever. One important thing is that every purchase you made in genesis
whether it is framework or theme it will provide a developer license. It will help you to
live a win-win situation as it is both cost and time effective.

3. Excited features and determined plug-in:

Genesis framework encourages all kinds of features starting to form an SEO building to a
mobile responsive website. If you want to use the genesis particular plugins then you
should bookmark it for use. The amazing benefit that you can grab is you are allowed to
install as many as plugins before you could select the most suitable one.

Here are the few plugins available on the framework:

Simple hooks- It will provide you easy access to many action hooks like 50 inside the

Simple edits- It will enable you to edit the three most modified platforms – post info,
post-Meta, and footer area.

Design Platte pro- It will enable you to easily style your Genesis child themes such as
font style, colors, and size of the text, padding, margins, etc.

Enews extended- It will allow you to add an additional email sign up an account from
anywhere on your sites such as a sidebar, footer or homepage.

Extender plugin- It will give you access to a new third-party plugin which is known as
cobaltApps that will provide you marvelous control and access to the themes.

4. Mind-blowing applications of flexible themes:

When you will use the Genesis framework website then you will be able to understand what your clients are expecting and it will enable you to recognize the functionality your
clients need. It will provide you with the best high-quality responsive child themes to
build an effective layout for your WordPress site.

5. Update multiple sites:

In the WordPress site with the help of genesis framework in case you have many sites
running simultaneously, it will help you to update easily all sites without interference
in the child themes.


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