Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing : Which is more profitable in making money ?

    Affiliate Marketing Which Makes More Money

    Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense are two primary tactics used by most of the bloggers across the globe to earn money. They are the two sources that actually help bloggers make most of their earnings. Let us first understand each of them individually:

    Google AdSense

    Google AdSense is one of the biggest advertisement platforms online. The bloggers lease out some space from their websites to Google where it places ads for various companies helping them in their promotions. It works on multiple campaigns, PPC being the most effective model in terms of earning for the bloggers. In the PPC model, Google pays the blogger for their ad space based on each click. So more the clicks you make, better the leads to help the advertisers to follow and you ultimately earn.

    Affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a platform offered by various companies where directly or indirectly bloggers may link up with them promoting their products and helping them generate leads. In this method, the companies pay the website owners for every generated lead. The bloggers get paid a certain percentage of their sales. The biggest platform offered for affiliate marketing today is Amazon. However, there are thousands of companies who do the same.

    Earning opportunities

    Both the methods have immense earning opportunities provided you follow the right tactics and get to the promotion of the companies. While Google pays you for every click, you gain even if the user does not buy from the site he lands to. However, the case is not the same in affiliate marketing. Though in some cases companies do pay for pay per click, most of them award a certain percentage of their sales when the bloggers help them generate leads. Thus, one can say, it is more effortless to earn from Google AdSense compared to affiliate marketing. However, if you are good enough in generating leads, affiliate marketing has a better scope in terms of the amount you earn.

    Pros and Cons

    Considering the benefits of ad monetization through Google AdSense, there are millions of companies who invest in Google AdWords. Thus, there is a huge scope of earning from AdSense and placing various ads. Moreover, Google does the placement itself. You do not have to connect with various companies and ask them to pay you for each click. Google does the analytics and pays based on the performance of your blog. Moreover, it makes sure to put up relevant ads on the site that might be related to the theme of your site or may interest the user.

    On the other hand, there is a huge scope of earning with affiliate marketing. People today make a site altogether intending to promoting products of a company and earning for every lead. Affiliates have a better scope of earning. However, it is difficult to create trust among customers about going with your links and helping you generate income. Moreover, in order to get affiliate opportunities, it is difficult to find appropriate platforms.

    Final words

    It can we can conclude that affiliate marketing is more profitable but hard to start with the earning. On the other hand, once you have Google AdSense approval, it is easy to make money, but not as much as affiliate marketing would do!



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